AI optimizes transportation, real-time

SwiftMove empowers factory logistics, road trucking, and moving people.

Optimize your transport operations with AI and smartphones: input jobs, compute efficient journeys, assign vehicles, report job completion. Easy!

Optimize your transport operations with AI and smartphones

Optimization typically cuts transportation costs by 12% - 20%

Organize transport jobs

Save on mileage (go green)

Save time & operational costs

Minimize fleet size

Assure on-time delivery

Monitor fleet performance online

Is it for You?

You manage a dedicated fleet of vehicles and drivers?
Operating between defined locations?
Where load units / people require ad-hoc transportation?
With a mix of standard (e.g. 2 hours) and rush jobs (e.g. 15 minutes)?

SwiftMove optimizes indoor, on-site, urban and regional transportation with forklifts, trucks, vans, buses - in fact any kind of vehicle fleet.


Scope & Options

A cloud based AI algorithm performs real-time routing & scheduling with multiple pick-up / delivery locations, job priorities, due times, load types, vehicle capacities and more.

SwiftMove is pure cloud-computing - a web browser and smartphone (Android, IOS) is all you need.  It comes with affordable pay-per-use pricing or a convenient flat fee, enabling cost savings from day one.

Plus you may choose from a range of extra options:

  • Trailer pool and yard management
  • Tracking & tracing of load units
  • Automated e-mail notifications
  • Reports and automated data for billing purposes

Ask for a quote on the premium IT version for large corporations:

  • Enterprise software with more features
  • Supporting more complex transport operations
  • Up to 100,000 transport jobs per day
  • Optional on-premise installation if desired (no cloud)
  • Optional corporate IT integration (SAP + many others)
  • Optional integration with onboard radio data equipment

Get started today!

Get started with an inexpensive, hands-on trial. Initially select a small vehicle group, a few drivers and some specific transport jobs. Then expand operations step by step. Our support team will assist with your set-up, just give us a call!

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Who we are

INFORM employs more than 750 staff in Aachen, Germany and Atlanta, Georgia. Specializing in AI for digital decision making, more than 1,000 companies run INFORM software today. SwiftMove's on-premise version, SyncroTESS, has delivered massive cost savings and other benefits for more than 20 years, particularly in Aviation, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Healthcare, High Tech, Logistics, Manufacturing, Steel, and VIP transportation.


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